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Meet the Ladies of The Velvet Room - #DestinyOfDance series!

Welcome to this special edition of Tell All Tuesday! Today, I'd like to introduce you to the ladies of The Velvet Room: the five beautiful performers in my Destiny of Dance series (Book One, Burlesque Bad launches soon!)

The Ladies of The Velvet Room

They’re talented. They’re beautiful. They’re sexy as hell. But it’s not easy to stumble upon true love with all the wrong men falling at their feet. In the spotlight at The Velvet Room, each one will live out her passion for dance—and her desire for lasting love…

Burlesque Bad - Sioban

Ever since she was a wee lass, Sioban Riordan has wanted to dance in her mother’s footsteps. But when they left the streets of Dublin for the bright lights of Hollywood, Ava Riordan’s dreams withered, and so did Sioban’s. Without Ava’s dark, beautiful looks, and sporting a temper to match her fiery mane, Sioban didn’t think she’d ever break out of the seedy strip club life that had claimed her mother. Until she was forced to flee that life and run straight to her best friend Vonda’s doorstep—and right into the chance for real success. Inside Vonda’s new club The Velvet Room, Sioban also finds herself facing off with no-nonsense security expert Danny Sheridan. He’s all brawn. She’s all sass. And they may have both met their match!

Watch the trailer for Burlesque Bad below!

Available now in Print, Kindle, iBooks, and Nook!

Burlesque Baby - Chyenne

Chyenne and her mother Dove Arrowheart were on their way to New York City, where Chyenne could finally pursue her dream to become a dancer in peace, away from her drunkard of a father, away from stagnancy of the reservation. But they ran out of money, and when a lingerie shop owner discovered them sleeping in their car, she gave Chyenne a job in her shop—right next door to The Velvet Room. Chy convinces her mother, and club owner Vonda Douglas, to give her a chance. It’s a start, after all. But at just twenty, she’ll be the youngest dancer on Von’s team. Not only can bartender Johnny Cutlass not keep his eyes off of her, but he’s determined to protect this baby from the lecherous male clientele. But Johnny also has to face the fact that he wants her for himself when Chy’s heart overflows with more than gratitude.

Coming June 2017!

Burlesque Dreams - Solange

Perky French pixie and stunning aerialist Solange Vibert has been dreaming of Cirque du Sloeil since she took her first gymnastics class. But when the company dashes her dreams with their initial rejection, Solange exiles herself to teach an aerial silks fitness class at a local gym. She never suspects that one of her students, a performer at The Velvet Room, could be her ticket out of the gym, and back into a truly wonderful opportunity to showcase her talent. Neither could she have imagined stage manager Lex Monroe, who not only knows how to light her just right for her audition, but is ready to show her what else she should be dreaming about.

Coming December 2017!

Burlesque Nights - Sahara

They only know this songbird by a single name, Sahara. She can hold a soul captive with her voice, from the sweet dulcet tones of Ella Fitzgerald to the smoky sensuality of Shirley Horn. And with the beauty of a Kenyan princess, she could have the world at her fingertips. But Sahara keeps her real Kenyan name and its meaning hidden in the shadows. Along with her deepest desires. At The Velvet Room, Sahara can come out at night, as far as she dares, the torch songs that she sings the only window inter her soul. But no one expects a state senator to spend the evening at the club, and when is strong, silent driver locks eyes with Sahara, he can see everything she’s been trying to hide—and needs desperately to let out.

Coming June 2018!

Burlesque Beauty - Vonda

John Douglas always told his daughter that she could do anything she wanted, be anything she wanted to. With a singularity of purpose that he taught her. Vonda headed to L.A. to open a modern burlesque club. But then she ran out of money and had to take work at Club 29, a seedy strip club in Hollywood. And when Johnny died, she returned to Chicago to handle his affairs, and saw the opportunity to finally have the club she’d dreamed of in the rundown bar he left her. Barry “Bear” Rockford, head of the security company that Johnny had contracted is on hand to renew that contract with Vonda. He has no doubt that Bear can handle all of her security needs. But he’s also a very strong, sexy reminder that besides performing her duties as club owner, choreographer, producer, lead dancer, and big sister to all her girls as they’ve found love, it may be time to take care of her own heart. When sabotage not only forces Vonda to consider closing The Velvet Room, but becomes a threat to her life, Bear is determined to keep her out of harm’s way, and she her the love she’s been denying herself for so long.

Coming December 2018!

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