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Book Review: Mari McCarthy's Journaling Powertool

I am blessed to be writing this review from the perspective of having had two workshops and a Skype coaching session with Mari. I took my first workshop (Life Transitions 22 Days) at a time when I needed a big change in my living situation, because it was affecting every other aspect of my life negatively. The related stress I experienced hindered my writing and creativity, my desire to cook and sometimes even eat, and my general wellbeing and sense of happiness.

I wasn’t sure how writing in a notebook would have any impact on my situation, but the more I wrote, my thought became more open and engaged in listening and focusing. Lo and behold, one day, the circumstance for us to move out of our current apartment manifested. it wasn’t in the way I had envisioned (me writing a best-selling novel or my husband starring in his own television show and us moving to house on the cliffs above Malibu), but it was swift, and exact, and just what we needed.

My point is, for those who have already worked with Mari, reading this book will be like coming home, or seeing a beloved friend after a long period apart. Everything you loved about her workshops and other writings is here—a companion to keep and refer to always.

And for those who are new to journaling and new to Mari’s beautiful and astounding energy, all I can say is get ready, because you will never be the same if you areable to implement even the smallest journaling practice under her guidance.

Journaling is believing, and there are so many benefits to the practice that far exceed the “Dear Diary” of recording and venting we've all done before. If you're ready to give journaling a try, there's no better place to start than this book. So check it out, and as Mari loves to say WriteOn™!

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