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  • Nina Day Gerard

Houston, we have a launch date!

JUNE 10, 2015! That's my goal date when my book will be live on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and my own website for sale! And of course along with that, I'll be sending out the Kindle files and placing the print copy orders for my Global Publishing Team :).

I had another exciting coaching session yesterday with one of the Book Fuel team members, who gave me alot to think about in terms of marketing strategies, and other preparations for my Amazon and B& N sales pages.

But even more exciting is that the company is honoring my request to bump up the cover design, and book trailer. Normally, these items aren't delivered until the end of the Launch 60 program. But with my website almost complete, I want to share them now, to get everyone excited about the book. I have some special plans for the trailer, too, so stay tuned!

Lastly, my editor Elizabeth has the manuscript and I should be hearing her initial thoughts soon.

it's all so exciting!

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