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Book Launch Review: Dylan's Desire by JJ and TA Ellis

Tell the truth. You always wanted to "play doctor". I mean, once you're not a kid anymore, it takes on a whole new meaning, right? Let's not forget the SNL skit with Mel Gibson as a gynecologist, or how, in That Thing You Do, Charlize Theron's character falls in love with her dentist. And weren't Hawkeye and Pierce wrapped around a nurse every chance they could get in M*A*S*H*?

Well, Dylan's Desire is the fulfillment of some of those fantasies in the sweetest, naughtiest, sexiest way, when our hero finds himself in need of a nurse. And who better to take care of him after his near-fatal accident than his best friend from childhood Nicoletta?

Which brings me to one of the things I liked best about this book. I love the trope of unrequited love, simmering over years, until the two lovebirds finally get it together---and get together! In this case, their relationship is already one of ease with one another. Dylan and Nicoletta both have wicked sense of humor and a very special history together which keeps them moving through their challenges and steadily towards each other.

I also loved the family dyanmic in their story. It's great when everyone surrounding the couple in question can see what's as plain as day, that they're in love and should be together. Dylan's and Nicoletta's mothers are great, and a force to be reckoned with, and there may be more in store for them as Jaimee hinted to me in my interview with her a few days ago.

Last but not least, there is a hint of mystery and danger, added to this story like just the right amount of heat and spice to keep things going, as part of Nicoletta's past---that didn't include Dylan---comes knocking to threaten the happiness that is almost in reach for them.

So, as spring becomes summer and you're looking for that perfect little beach read to put in your bag, give Dylan's Desire a go. It's sweet, sexy fun!

For more about JJ and her books, find her on Facebook, Twitter, or visit

JJ also hosted the cover release for my first novel My Brother's Keeper, scheduled to launch on July 15th. It's also available now for pre-order!

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