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  • Nina Day Gerard

A New Home for My Blog

Wow. Today is a milestone. It's been roughly three years since I finished the first draft of my first romance novel, My Brother's Keeper. In that time, it's had five Beta-readers (who all loved it, thank goodness), several revisions, thanks to great feedback, and a marvelous self-editing class I took from an editor a Carina Press.

And today began my publishing program with WaveCloud/Bookfuel. As a result, I launched my new website (which is still under construction in places, so please pardon my dust), and my blog has moved here! By next week, I'll have a business plan and marketing strategy in place. Professional editing and cover design will have begun, along with the design of a book trailer. I'll have professional help setting up my online store, and distribution on other major vendor sites like Amazon and B&N. It's finally happening!

I am grateful to so many people for getting me this far. I truly believe in my book, and I know my readers will love it! Stay tuned...I've only just begun!

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